A Heedless Heart ...
As a famous saying goes, “You can’t bring about love and kindness by using a stick!” Love is like a tender flower; it must be watered, and it must be watched and cared for. Whatever you do to have lovely flowers must also be done for love.
Ayatullah Khamenei (ha)
God is the only truth and everything else is its manifestation.
Ayatullah Murtaza Mutahhari  
Never forget to pray for others. Ease for those in hardship, blessings for those who have more than us. And Sabr for those in war. Even pray for those in their graves, beacuse you will also be there one day. You pray for others, the angels pray back for you. And Allah SWT hears and understand everything that we feel. How Merciful. Just by the intention we are granted ajar. And Allah, He keeps his promises.
Mother was your door to this Dunya, Mother will be your door to Jannah.
Take care of this door.
Crying which does not contain an obligation, awareness, a knowing of the beloved, an understanding and sensing of faith, is something which is only useful as an eyewash, to cleanse it from the pollution of the air. Don’t forget that one of the first people who cried for the great Imam Husayn was Omar Sa’ad [who had ordered his kill­ing] and the first person who forbid and condemned this kind of `crying for Husayn’ was the great Zaynab [Imam Husayn’s sister].
Ali Shariati 
O mankind! Your rebellion is only against yourselves.
Surah al-Yunus verse 23 (10:23)  
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There’s as many atoms in a single molecule of your DNA as there are stars in the typical galaxy. We are, each of us, a little universe.
Neil deGrasse Tyson 
Every time you are afraid. Every time you are nervous. Every time you have knots in your stomach. Every time your heart hurts, remember, Allah is with you
Salam dear! This is so random but you seem like a wise person mashallah so I need your opinion on this.. would you recommend a twenty year old medical student to get engaged? The thing is im so hesitant about this whole thing because of the stressful life I have as a med student but at the same time I read your answer about how its not right to reject someone who is momin.. so i feel so guilty and lost because this khastegar of mine has been insisting so much and I feel so guilty for rejecting


I would always recommend marriage over school because you can always continue school later but not always that momin guys is going to show up. Being a wife and mother always supercedes school.

I will admit though it’s very very hard to talk to a guy for marriage and be in medschool. It’s very distracting and for me personally it takes a toll on my grades anytime I go down the process. I would see how flexible this brother is and if he is accommodating towards your schedule and when you need to study. I’ve had friends who have gotten through medschool while even being pregnant or got married in between so it it doable. You just have to make sure you stay focused and balance both out. Ask Allah to help you and read estekhareh prayer a lot since it clears up things for marriage and if there are things you should know about a person Allah will really make it clear. Insha’Allah all the best. Let me know if you want more elaboration or if I wasn’t clear. 

Salaam, I have a question about loans and interests here in the west. Especially with the cost of colleges, it is almost impossible to enter/study in some professional schools, like medical pharmacy law... schools w/o these loans with interests. I am asking you this since you said you are studying medicine. Do you have any advice on this for someone who cant afford going into these schools? Is it ok to get these loans and pay them back ASAP after graduation? Thanks in for your help.

Wa Alaikumo Salaam, 

I totally feel you. I had this dilemma and I was really stuck since the loans are so problematic islamic-wise.  I consulted with a scholar and the ruling was that if you not receiving this education causes severe hardship, then it’s allowed. So each person should decide and define if that “haraj” or hardship exist. I feel that if you take the loans and live conservatively you should be able to pay them back within max 5 years. I took out loans and try to return any extra money I have left over asap so I don’t accumulate more interest. I hope that helps! I would consult a scholar about this though!